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dun ever snatch my milk. thanks. i am addicted to it. hahahehehoho.
& rmbr to add oil for everything. lawls.
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i yearn for *ahem* something haha!
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Something in life..

This few days I really think alot.. Just putting in effort in everything we do can really help us achieve success? But how come no matter how much effort I put in, things don't seem to work out for me? Maybe what my friend says seems true, just forget about whatever has passed and carry on with life, isn't that better?

Enough of the thinking, this 2 months holidays is coming to an end soon, left around 2 weeks? Had alot of events this holidays, movie, pool, camp and chalet haha! No wonder my mum wants to nag at me haha for going out haha! I totally love this year birthday sia! Remembering my two frens celebrate for me, advanced birthday party with Seoul Garden buffet and with my favourite toys haha. Also, on the day itself, went to Sakura buffet and eat alot of my favourite salmon and sushi! ^^

Leadership camp was AWESOME! Although I am tired because I am working the day before the camp till 10plus, sleeps at almost 1 and wakes up at 6 plus, really enjoyed it. Make alot of new friends there (: Teamwork really important and have helped me build my confidence alot. Second day was the most exciting day, we have to plan and have to plan a lunch and performance for the mentally disabled clients. Enjoyed interacting with them although have occassional shocks by some of the clients, especially one that makes me remember the most, grabs my hand to somewhere and tell me things I dun understand and almost to the gents, so awkward! haha!

Last of all, release of results on 16 of September! I still remember the day before that day, I can't sleep but managed to wake up at 9plus the next day to face the reality. Luckily results was quite alright, passed all modules, but was a bit disappointing. Then, couldn't get in CACM diploma plus was another disappointing thing! ):

Signing off here, will update more often! Looking forward to chalet in another two weeks, hopes nothing will happen those few days so that I can enjoy! ^^ Bye! :D

Today study session with classmates!

Hello people! :D I managed to replenish my lost sleep for the past few days thanks to the FP assignment! In the end, 17 pages report and 19 slides for powerpoint. Seems like abit too much for the powerpoint slides part, cause we are only supposed to write about two parts - the career roadmap and the success critical factors ( as said by Ash) , but heck care uh! haha

Today meet up classmates - Seshuang, Ziling, Dewei and Jeremy at 12, I meet Ziling at 11.30 at JE mrt station haha. In the end, only me and Ziling reach on time, the rest reach at ard 1pm? haha. Me and Ziling went to the gift shops in Lot 1 haha, There are like 5 gift shops there, so many! Next time wan buy gifts, I know where to go le! Also also, me and Ziling bought a squirrel and lion respetively! xD so cute. NUTSIE and LIONEL (names of squirrel and lion) :D *SCREAMS* haha! Then after that, went to library to find seats, what shocked me most is why is there a Santa Claus in the library, it isn't Christmas, I am puzzled :D LOL.

In the meantime, me and Ziling do CM while waiting for others to reach before deciding where to go next because there are no seats in the library unless we sit on the floor. In the end, went to pastamania to have lunch. Yanpeng reaches shortly after. But then I am not hungry so I only ordered a peach soda and shared dessert( if I am not wrong, it is banana chocolate pizza) with Seshuang and Ziling. The pizza was delicious hehe xD Then we camp at pastamania until 4. Doing FSP assignment there, it was never easy, luckily got shifu - Dewei's help that we managed to complete the assignment (basic requirements) haha. He was so busy, he needs to do CM and helps 5 ppl with their FSP assignment cause we run into many errors. 辛苦他了! thanks Dewei :D

After that, my laptop battery was running low so off laptop and do CM haha. Later went to zx's house to continue our assignment while charging laptop! Yanpeng and Seshuang left earlier, one at 6, one around 7. The rest just continue to do work and wait until 7.30 before we left zx's house. I am so hungry at that time, so went back to Lot 1 with the remaining ppl. Was walking ard in the shopping mall, finding something to eat but seems everywhere has long queues.

In the end, Dewei recommend us to go to choa chu kang park there and have dinner. We took a long time to decide on the foods to order, cause I dun like spicy foods and Ziling can't eat some foods. I am sorry to Jeremy and Dewei cause we are like so mafan. I hope they dun mind :D Waited for almost one and a half hour before the foods are served. I love the noodles best , haha! xD I was surprised at how Jeremy eats the chicken wings, he can eat the chicken wing until so clean without using his hands LOL. After that , walked back to Choa Chu Kang MRT to take mrt home. Reached home at almost 11, omg! In deep trouble , but nvm, it is all worth it cause I enjoyed my friends' company and I managed to complete the work I am supposed to complete today, haha xD

I am tired, signing off! enjoy the day ppl! xD Please leave a comment before leaving, people! HAHA! xD

1T04 chalet!

Eyes shutting but I better update my blog before I forgets everything for the chalet haha!
First day wakes up quite early around 8 cause the log team needs meet at 11.30 am at JE mrt platform there, then zx and jeremy meets me even earlier at chinese garden mrt cause they need to help me carry my stuffs or else I will look like an auntie. Waited for the rest and went to have lunch before going to thomson plaza to buy log stuffs and take Mrs Ong's car to the chalet venue.

We checked in the chalet then slack for a while before we start to prepare the bbq stuffs and fire and everything else. I still remember this funny stuffs. Maybelle and I carry 8 chairs together, but we carry until more relaxed as compared to two guys carrying 5 chairs. Ps I forget who the two guys le. Soon everyone reached and I saw my sis! :D HAHA!! Mrs Ong even cooked curry vegetables for us, delicious, so touched! :P Starts eating and chit chat with Mrs Ong! enjoyed it sia! went back to chalet at 9 sharp to watch the police show! haha! nvr sleep for the whole night until 7 plus, cause we went to watch sunrise but then sadly the sun is shy and hides behind the clouds ):

Managed to have a short nap of 2 hours plus or else will cmi de (: then wash up and wait for everyone to wake up before we went to white sands shopping centre to have lunch at xing wang restaurant. Ordered fish fillet baked rice and iced milo xD but then didn't finish the baked rice cause the portion too much le (: Then after that went to downtown east there I think, spend a long time deciding what to do next - movies/ Kbox / pool haha! In the end, went to Kbox haha! Enjoying the times cause some classmates sing until we keep laughing! The usual people singing - Jeremy , Seshuang, Zhengxu, Ash, Jaryl and Kianwee haha! the rest just sit back and relax to the songs hehe! When we left the kbox place, it was almost 9 sia. The 9pm show alr ended when
we reached back the chalet, but nvm! haha!

Played truth and dare, the guys really ask awkward qns sia! And the dare is so.. I got a shock sia, shortly after when suddenly Dewei just barge into the girls' room and lock the door sia when Seshuang and I were in the room. I was lying on the bed, resting sia. He comes in, I immediately jumps up sia! haha! Ask me for house number sia so funny! But nvm, at least I know he can play with us de, not those really quiet type xD We also went to the playground at night, dk the time. Force to go on a bridge, actually yanpeng and I dun wan to go on the bridge de but then dun wan be spoilers (: We hold hands and go up the bridge but then the bridge is shaking so violently thanks to the guys (: We stuck in the centre for a long time before crossing the bridge (: Later went back to sleep cause too tired le, I think have sleep at least 4 t0 5 hours ba xD

Third day, wakes up quite late around 10 I think. zx cooks breakfast sia, awesome :D Eggs and hotdogs with bread hehe, not bad for a guy le xD watched tv while waiting for others to wake up, some wakes up after 12 sia! haha! then after that went to the cafe besides the chalet sia at 3, I ordered chocolate hazelnut toast and a can of green tea haha. Alot of ppl left the chalet at 3.30 due to the personal reasons. So only left 9 ppl, 3 girls and 5 guys!

Darn it, I can't cycle is the main prob sia! actually wan double bike de with zx but then the bike can't fit us sia, in the end I feel so paiseh cause zx needs ride me sia. At first dunno where to put my hands to stabilise myself on the bike, no choice has to put on his shoulders sia. -.- or else I will fall off the bike easily. Ride until 7.45 then went back to chalet. I shower first haha! Zx de shirt like so sweaty so lend him mine class tee, he can actually wear sia, but he says abit gay sia LOL! Actually wan watch 9pm show de, but no one pei me so went back to room to rest (: After that everyone went to the guys room to chitchat LOL! Jeremy ask me to move away cause he need to sit at my position to be able to use his laptop. haha! no choice, shift to the bed next to the door there. LOL! in the end fall asleep at the spot, everyone went to the playground except me and zx sia! haha!

Early morning at 8 plus, wakes up because of someone's phone and I can't fall asleep sia, zzz. After that pack up and prepare to check out of the chalet. Clear everything unwanted into the bin and someone came and check, she is so strict sia! After that takes bus back to white sands shopping centre to have breakfast at xing wang restaurant haha! I ordered bo luo bun and ice milo cause want to save money! HAHA! after that went home le. Jeremy, Jaryl, Zhanming, Minglun the rich kids go take cab I think while the three girls and zx went to take mrt. fell asleep in the mrt hehe :D zx so good sia, send me home cause of the stuffs so heavy haha. Then after that went to my sis's house to pass her stuffs sia. 辛苦他了!haha!

Took a short nap when I reached home before going to jurong point shopping centre to meet them haha! I need give someone legs massage sia for making his legs super tired haha (: Okay shall stop here! I really wan sleep le (: Good night everyone! <3

Common tests + Outing with class!

This week common tests! I can say I can pass all, but then scoring for the papers seem to be unknown, especially FSP! haha (: Okay, dun wan talk about common tests le , since it is over. I almost type CT then I remember it is my classmate's name, so shall change to common tests hehe.

Today, CIS paper ends at 10am, feels so relieved when all the common tests are over! Then went to orchard road taking 174. On the bus, listening to kpop songs on the bus with ziling, she recommend kpop songs and a new kpop band - Boyfriend! One of the members so cute, OMG! somemore the band got a twins sia, cool :D

Reach orchard then went to eat Popeyes with everyone! I thought ziqiang will go the class outing with us when he boards the 174 with us, I was shocked sia! but after we reached Popeyes, we went to buy foods and come back, he was gone! LOL! Haha Seshuang, Ziling and I buy one 3 piece chicken and one fish bites with one regular drink, and we have a hard time finishing so little foods! (:

Then after that, walked around orchard road and then to bugis area just to find a pool shop, LOL! luckily found one, or else like wasting time sia! But I nvr play sia, lazy + tired haha. Went to sleep at the sofa in the pool shop hehe. Left the pool shop at 3 plus I think then walked back to cathay cineleisure to catch movie XMen 2 lol! I was shivering in the theatre sia, in the end, fell asleep, luckily got some kind soul lent me jacket and in the end, he ownself cold sia! thanks kind soul!

Lastly, went to have dinner, but we take a long time to find a place to have our dinner, and finally went to dhoby ghaut exchange - JustAcia for dinner. So cool , it has free flow of drinks and ice cream, but not suitable for me, cause I can't eat much xD haha. Left the place at 9.30 with kianwee, zhenyu and ziling while the others camp there until dunno what time sia!

Now waiting for my hair to dry completely before I can sleep ! so tired, pray no fever or headache comes back and I will feel better tmr! gonna stop here, bye all :D


Last week and this week is damn tiring sia. Because of the COS/FP project. Really drained all the energy out of me. Stay back most of the days to do, but it still seems like my group is rushing and doing last minute works. Even on the last day of the project, we are still chionging! For the past two weeks, I only have around 6 hours of sleep everyday ( project and homework). Vesak day, went to ZX's house to complete the project, actually want finish the project but not enough time.

Somemore, I am those type of people who will feel very uncomfortable the next day due to the lack of sleep. HAHA! SO NEXT TIME DONT'T DEPRIVE ME OF SLEEP, HOMEWORK!
Now I am typing this post, I keep yawning LOL! Can imagine how tired I am! Lack of sleep not good for health also, heard someone saying it haha!

Today, I waited for vain just for someone to reply, but it is just a waste of time, zz. Now then I know, guys can be the same as girls when it comes to decision makings,take a long time to decide haha! Really long haha. Okay, shall stop here! Good night people! And have fun tomorrow! :P


Today and yesterday was awesome! I LOVE THE TIMES! <3 Woke up early yesterday at around 7 I think. Eyes still closed when I was pulled out of my bed to prepare to set off. Jam at the malaysia custom area, that's why takes around 2 hours to reach JB (:

Reach there alr lunch time, haha! CHeck in at our hotel and had lunch at the nearby coffee shop near it haha. I had chicken hor fun, LOL. Then went to sutera mall, bought flats and hair accessories because the stuffs there are extremely CHEAP! haha =D

Dinner is Japanese foods! My favourite, haha. Had tempura curry rice, the pics are up on fb FYI. Then after went walking around to digest the foods hehe. Went back to hotel to slack and use fb cause got FB! But I can't get into the class chat hais. 11 was here, eyes shutting liao. Went down to have dessert but seems like the business was so good that almost everything was not available liao. In the end, I didn't eat anything.

Second day morning, went to the nearest cafe for breakfast. Can't understand why some of my cousins can eat nasi lemak early in the morning. I only had a slice of bread and idced milo :D Actually, I wan to go for pedicure but then the ppl there says need book, so sad leh. Afternoon, the lunch was chicken rice balls, quite nice and I like the chicken rice balls best among everything I had eaten. After that, went home, kinda tired.

Okay, shall stop here! Signing off, BYE! =D


18 april is the first day of the orientation, went to school and I feel like as though I am like a lost sheep. Haha, went to indoor sports hall and register. I was in Phoenix 3, under Don and Sihui. The first day is always like that, no one to talk to. Luckily after the ice breaking games, finally start talking haha. On the same day, we had the amazing race, very fun but tiring! (:

Second day, raining early in the morning, no choice take bus to JE mrt station. I am like a small ant in the crowd, haha. Takes ard 10 mins before I mananged to squeeze into the mrt. Almost late for school though haha. Went to the lecture theatre and had boring talks. Another amazing race, haha and we had this sexy pose/ dance haha. Quite funny though. But same grp as *AHEM is really the most unlucky thing this year. However, we managed to clinch the 3rd prize among all the grps haha.

Third day, bring the heavy laptop to school and get to meet the class ppl and teacher. 20 ppl, 6 girls and 14 boys. Inter class ice breaking games to get to know each other better. After that, change to another classroom. Throughout the whole session, we are just on fb and adding each other in school. The 1st friend I make in the class is Se Shuang hehe (:

Fourth day, went to the library in np, after that went for industry visit at suntec city area. I was so hungry at that time cause no time to eat breakfast lor ): Had lunch ( subway ) at makan place with Se Shuang and Ruien hehe. Try to eat as quickly as possible so that can go back classroom and sleep hehe. Energy are all used up by the 3rd day LOL. Soon, brainstorming for the dance & song competition haha. Finally finalised at the song 对面的女孩看过来.

Okay, shall stop here. Will continue to update as frequently as possible. BYE! =D